Girllll You’re The Sugar Honey Iced Tea ☕️ feat Egun’Adeola Lala Moore

Here we are once again on today’s blog of ” You’re The (S]ugar (H]oney (I]ced (T]ea basically our professional way of saying you’re the sh**! Well today’s woman is so awesome and when we say awesome  we mean really, really awesome like so awesome we don’t know why we keep saying awesome, awesome! No for real she’s awesome! Our Founder/CEO introduced us to her by showing us one of her Facebook live videos of her doing a live tarot card reading and we all fell in love. 

” I came across her video yesterday on Facebook I didn’t even know we were friends and not sure how we became Facebook friends but I’m glad we did/are now more than ever. I was able to pop in on her live video right on time and my reading was perfect when she told me anything I touch would be gold and said anything I write would be gold I knew the man upstairs was speaking to me through her, it was more of a confirmation than anything. I’ve been working on getting in touch with my higher self and getting to know me more so I knew he was listening and sending messages through her. She is truly gifted and I can tell she will go more than for with her talent. So if you’re into readings like I am make sure you add her on Facebook and follow her as well “

Guess it’s safe for us to say this is tea well filled and delivered! She gets a thumbs up from us. She’s an acquired taste are you ready to drink? 

Facebook: Egun’Adeola Lala Moore


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