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Most people think taking care of their face is the only way to make them look good but forget that taking care of their body makes them look GREAT! I know you’ve heard a time or two that milk does the body good but we are here to tell you that so does ” BeatBodyz “. One of our founders got a chance to drop in and get the full experience so she’s here to spill a little tea and tell her side.

” First and foremost, beatbodyz hurts so good, Ive been to many boot camps and was discouraged of the atmosphere but let me tell you from the moment i walked thru the door, i was excited about getting fit and being pushed to the limit. Even scored me a nickname “nurse savage” lol. Since my couple of drop ins which are only $10 (yes only $10) ive lost a few inches around the waist and plan to continue going on my journey of getting the body i deserve. she offers drop in rates, monthly rates, and all. Whether your looking for gains or losses, i wouldnt recommend any other place but beatbodyz. What im saying is if you haven’t put beatbodyz in your cup yet, dont miss out because its worth it.”

Inside look of what a BeatBodyz workout looks like posted below:

Guess it’s safe for us to say this is tea well filled and delivered! She gets a thumbs up from WIYC. She’s an acquired taste are you ready to drink? 
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Facebook: BeatBodyz

Website: BeatBodyz


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