Living in the Here and Now….

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is one of my favorite days of the year, as it is officially my birthday (lol). For today’s Wacky Wednesday blog post, I wanted to write about something quite fitting with today, and that is the greatest gift of all….the gift of life and being in the present! As always, please feel free to leave any comments you may have down below, and I will make sure that I answer and reply to all of them. I love that we have the ability to connect and share our thoughts or opinions with others so easily nowadays. Now, without further ado, I give you this week’s Wacky Wednesday blog post.

If you are familiar with my blog posts, you would know that I wrote about something similar in my previous post, as well as a few posts back. However, for today, I would like to focus more on the idea of how truly special life really is to me, and how important being in the present is.

Furthermore, as someone who often struggles with mental illness and the meaning of life, I’m fully aware of how difficult it can often be to feel like life is truly a gift. I too, have been through my fair shares of ups and downs, and been at points in my life where I truly didn’t understand why I was even here. Yet alone, the significance of being in the present.

However, this was all before I was officially diagnosed and aware of all the different roles my mental illness plays in my everyday life. Now, that I’m able to better understand some, (not all), of what I go through, I’ve been able to realize just how truly special the gift of life and being in the present is.

The ability to wake up everyday and create a whole new set of memories with the ones I love. The ability to go experience all these different events and moments in what will be one day be someone else’s history. Just being able to be part of something greater than myself….all these things are part of the miracle of life. And it is in my opinion, that you truly cannot experience any of these things without being in the here and now.

I know I may sound like one of those posters you see on the wall in the doctors office. You know what I’m talking about; one of the ones with a catchy saying about life. However, I am hoping that what you take away from this post, is that even for someone who struggles with mental illness, the most important thing I’ve learned in this past year and a half, is that I can be the best version of me if I just let go and live.

I have learned that I don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles to be truly happy. That I am blessed everyday to have myself, to have my health, my freedom, and those I care about closest to me. Most importantly, that I am able to experience all that life has to offer, just by appreciating the notion of life itself, as well as being in the moment to fully appreciate all of it.

I’m not saying that how I view life is the way that everyone should view life. I am simply trying to be relatable to those who may not have much and who may be stuck trying to find a reason to live another day. I’m trying to point out that it isn’t about the big, fancy things society often tells us are important, but instead it is about the “little things” that we can find in just existing.

What I’m ultimately trying to say is, that yes, there was a time in my life where I didn’t care if tomorrow even came. However, I soon realized that that wasn’t where my story was meant to end. Now, I focus more on living in the moment, living in, and for today. By living my life this way, I can get the most out of it and instead, now I look forward to seeing what awaits me tomorrow.


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