Must Watch – The Trailer for Gucci Mane’s Autobiography 

Just in Gucci Mane dropped a visual for his NEW Autobiography set to release September 19th. Seems like things have been looking up for Gucci Mane since his release from prison back in May of 2016. For the first time ever Gucci Mane gets to tell his story in his own words. Like the old saying it’s always better coming from the horses mouth. Gucci Mane is the true definition of a minor setback for a major comeback and it looks like he’s been back and better. Not only did he get married to longtime girlfriend Keyshia Kior, it also looks like they have a NEW TV SHOW coming out real soon as well. Well WIYC wants to congratulate Gucci and Fiancé Keyshia! Congrats Gucci on telling your side of the story, we can’t wait to read the book and do a review. We wonder what is he going to share with us in this book… guesss we will have to find out wellll that’s TEAAAAAA ☕️ and we will drink to that! Come take a sip!

Watch the trailer below and preorder the book Click here


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