Squiggle Brows or Struggle Brows – Pour Up or Don’t Show Up? 

Last week, we posted on our Facebook the squiggle brows or should I say the struggle brows? The ” don’t come around me or I’m licking my fingers and wiping your brows ” eyebrows! Basically what we are saying is this definitely isn’t hot but apparently some people are all for it but your friend isn’t your friend if he/she lets you leave the house with your brows looking a HOT MESS like these people look. Then you have Trey Howard who has gone viral via Facebook by posting pictures and a video and I have to say he looks so cute and flawless! He did it so effortlessly or maybe he didn’t do his makeup so dramatic like everybody else hmm something to think about. But are you pouring your cup ( he looks cute ) or are you throwing your cup out ( he needs to stop )? You tell us! 

Pictures and videos below 


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