5 Things You Need To Know About Having A Healthy Relationship. 

Relationships can be very tricky. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the idea of being in love that we can’t see that this relationship isn’t healthy for us. That’s why I am here to tell you the top 5 key components of a healthy relationship.

1. Working through arguments. 

Communication is key! You have to be able to talk to your significant other and work out problems that the two of you are having. Without communication, the relationship won’t work. Along with communication, you have to be able to listen and understand your significant others perspective. It can’t always be your way. Sometimes you will be at fault and other times your significant other will be. Owning up to your mistakes AND talking things through will not only help build your character but it will strengthen the relationship that the two of you have. 

2. Maintaining Trust.

Trusting your significant other is a necessity. If you can’t trust him/her then y’all both have some major problems to figure out. There’s no need to obsessively stalk through his stuff. If you feel doubtful or feel as if there is something wrong, be open and ask him. Trust ties back to communication. 

3. Being Upfront. 

Being upfront and open about what you want helps keep things easy. No one can read your mind… not even your significant other. If you want something, just ask. This ties back to communication as well.

4. Giving Space.

You need to have space to keep a relationship healthy. Go hangout with friends and let him/her go do what they wanna do. Being with your significant other ALL THE TIME can make you isolated to just them. That isn’t healthy at all for yourself. 

5. Encourage and Thank.

Being uplifting and encouring can help build up your significant others self esteem but also strengthen the connection the two of you have! You don’t ever want to negatively impact him!


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