A letter about positivity. 

I often find myself asking why does it seem that people only focus on the negatives in life? 

I mean we have the power to control our emotions. It’s simple, if you wake up with an attitude of course your day is going to be bad. However, if you wake up with a positive mindset your perception on your whole day will change. 

The power is within our minds. Yes, everyone is going to have a bad day but how you respond will produce the outcome on how you feel.

If you really take a step back and examine your life, you will realize that there’s so much to be thankful for. There are so many little things that outdo the bad. If for some reason you think that there is nothing to be happy about in life then DIG DEEPER!!! 

Find that one constant that never fails to make you feel at ease. I promise you that life is filled with so much more good if you choose to cut out the negativity.

Ask yourself if you’re happy right now and if so what’s making you happy? If you aren’t happy figure out what’s making you unhappy and take the steps to remove that very negative thing out of your life. 

Once you shift your mindset, your whole view on the world will change. It’s up to you. No one can make you do anything. Like I said, the power is all within YOU


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