How to Create a Routine that Works for You!

Woohoo it’s finally Friday Everyone! For today’s blog post I wanted to talk about something I’m very passionate about, and that is all about the importance of creating a routine that works for you. I think often we are pressured by what we see on social media, and within society for what a “normal routine” consists of; and like most things in life, that doesn’t always mean it is going to fit with everyone. Unfortunately, this can cause somewhat of an issue for some (I used to be one of those individuals), as we break our backs trying to fit another’s routine into our daily routine. So for today’s post, I wanted to share some of what I did to help figure out what works best for me and how that has helped better my life in so many different ways. Now without further ado, let’s get on with today’s post.

For years, I thought that by implementing a routine that was suggested to me, would be what was best and lead to the most successful version of me. However, as I got older and started to have certain life experiences, I quickly realized that using that “type” of a routine as an outline is okay, but trying to follow it minute for minute, would mean I would have to make some serious changes that would leave me more frustrated and upset, than on top of my game and in control. As most things in life, having a plan or idea of what you would like to achieve is crucial, but committing to that plan or idea without leaving yourself any room for changes is often un-beneficial and not very realistic.

For example, having the goal or plan that you want to start waking up earlier or at a certain time everyday, is awesome, but you must consider all the factors that play into this. Such as, the time you go to bed, sleeping arrangements, a sleep schedule or lack of one, and of course most importantly, what your nighttime routine already consists of. If after looking at all those different aspects, you are able to come up with a time that will fit and work best for you, then go for it. More often than likely, you will realize you need to make smaller changes first, and work your way up to the ultimate goal of adjusting your wake up time. However, also keep in mind that if during this adjustment you are attempting to make, you don’t succeed at the first few times, it’s okay. Furthermore, remember that maybe waking up at 7am doesn’t work for you. Even though it’s in almost every “how to have a successful life” book that waking up early, is key. This is an unrealistic standard to go by as some people, will never be able to do that. That’s a prime example of one of the things we are told we should do, without realizing that just because it works for one, doesn’t mean it will work for another.

Now, changing you wake up time isn’t the only thing we often struggle with making work for us. There is an entire list I could go through, where what we see or hear others doing and working for them, doesn’t automatically mean it’s guaranteed to work or fit with us. Just a few more examples are: creating a work schedule that fits with our individual lives, coming up with a workout plan that isn’t going to cause us more damage than good, and one of the biggest ones….figuring out the famous “5/10 year plan”. Oh man, do I hate that last one the most. I don’t really want to break down each of these (especially that last one), in this blog post, but I can definitely address each or all of them in future posts. All I’m going to say about the “5/10 year plan”, is if you find you want to “venture down that road”, make sure you don’t loose sight of the fact that “life happens”, and that when “it” does, that can often completely throw off things like the “5/10 year plan”. Again, I cannot stress enough the significance of separating the two; having an overall outline or plan, and being committed to that plan, without leaving any room for the possibility of change, are two very different things.

The most important thing I’ve found in trying to figure out a routine that fits and works for me specifically, is really taking it one day at a time. I like to try to go over my pre-plan/outline of the following day, the night before (minus major events or plans), and I always leave a window open when I have actual things scheduled, should something happen, and plans change. Furthermore, I cannot share with others enough how much having a planner has helped me to maximize my days, be way better at staying organized, and much more focused. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, it can be a spare notepad or notebook you have lying around your home. Ultimately it comes down to this: whatever and however you prefer to organize your daily routine and life to work best for you, is what you should do. Don’t worry about trying to do what social media and society says we should do. Be realistic in the goals and plans you set for yourself, and remember to be forgiving of yourself, should you not reach that goal or plan right away.

You’re not going to all of a sudden wake up one day and have it all figured out, heck I’m still trying to figure some things out. Do the things that make you happiest, and take your time enjoying each day. Things will naturally fall into place as they should, and the rest you can help guide into place, with time. I didn’t get to where I am now overnight, and honestly, I still haven’t finished “traveling”. Lastly, please remember to never try and change who you are for someone else. Make the changes you want and need to for you and ONLY YOU.

Until the next blog post….StaySweet ♡ StayTrue ♡ StayYou!


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