This is Real Life, This is the Truth….

Happy Sunday Everyone. For today’s “Sassy Sunday” blog post I wanted to keep it somewhat short and sweet. I wanted to discuss something that happened fairly recently to me, how it completely threw me off for the past few days, and how I have decided to overcome it, and not let it bring me down anymore. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy today’s different, yet somewhat more current day, blog post.

Recently something happened in my personal life and it completely threw me for a loop. The odd part is, that if you asked me now, did I ever expect anything like this to happen, I would reply truthfully and say absolutely. Now, I am not going to name names, or get into any super specific details because that isn’t what’s important. It was the fact that I had spent all this time preparing for this moment, and then when it actually occurred (although I was hoping it wouldn’t), I almost froze and everything I had prepared for, basically went out the window. Needless to say, it is what it is, and there is nothing I can really do about what has already taken place, except move on.

Now that I am in the reflection period of what had transpired, and beginning to feel like myself again, I have realized some of the things I could of done differently. The first thing I could of done differently, was not engage in any of it; by that I mean when “things” hit the fan, I was confronted with a choice, and in that moment I chose to engage back. This only continued to make things way worse. It made something that might have been resolved in a quick and timely manner drag on, and in the end left me feeling completely “broken”. The second thing I wish I had done differently is, not let what happen get to me so much. Furthermore, not letting the pain, anger, and a thousand other emotions I felt, linger on for the length of time that they have. Since I am always honest with all of my blog posts, I will admit that even getting a post up today, was almost next to impossible for me; thus my incredibly late upload time.

However, I made the decision that I was going to attempt to push through this, because while this is all so fresh in my mind, I wanted to share it and hopefully, this will help others to realize that we truly can overcome what may seem like the “impossible”. I also love to be as relatable as possible to my readers because, then I feel like I have a greater potential to make a bigger impact on someone in need. I didn’t have much drive to do much of anything today and I took the time to look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that I can do this. Then I picked up my phone (since I prefer to blog on my phone more than my laptop), and began writing. I told myself if I really didn’t like how this piece was turning out, that I would step away and approach it again tomorrow. That being said, I’m actually quite pleased with how this post had turned out and will in fact be posting it. By pushing through and believing in myself that I am stronger than this, that I need to give myself more credit than I am, and by doing this post, it has reminded me just how far I have come in the past year and half. Furthermore, that I can virtually do almost anything I put my mind too. And I am here to remind you, that you too, can do the same thing!

So the next time you find yourself completely out of it, unmotivated and uninspired from something that may or may not of happened, remember this post and that you are not alone in having moments like this. Remember that it all starts with you believing that you can do this; and I know that is much easier said then done. However, if you find yourself stuck at this part, tell yourself that you will consider the possibility that you can do this, and then just go and do it. You will find that before you know it, you have! This moment in time, the inspiration and emotion that will follow, is truly incredible. I hope you enjoyed this week’s “Sassy Sunday” blog post and until my next post, remember to….

Stay Sweet ♡ Stay True ♡ Stay You


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