We are Not the Same….

Happy Mental Monday Everyone….unfortunately, it’s back to the grind. For today’s blog post I wanted to keep it short and sweet again, because I really enjoyed the style for how yesterday’s blog post went. Since it is Monday, I did want to focus on something mental health related, but I also wanted to have it be more of a current day post. So I think for today, it is going to be more of a open discussion style post. With that being said, let’s get on with today’s topic.

Mental Illness is such a rich subject, as there are so many things we could discuss revolving and surrounding it. However, it is also one of the most controversial subjects I know, as one of the most common things I will find, are endless preconceived notions about individuals who suffer from mental illness. Some people even believe that they understand mental illness and everything that comes with someone who is diagnosed with a mental illness. Yet, they couldn’t be more out of touch with everything.

Which leads me to one of the most important points I could ever share regarding mental illness awareness, and that is to please stop viewing everyone as if “we” are all the same. Assuming and acting, as if there is some unknown “cure” that will help “us” all. Truth is, that there is no one specific answer (or cure), for any of us. And if you think we want to continue living our day to day lives struggling like we often do, you are sadly mistaken.

I know my tone for this post is coming off quite harsh and borderline angry, but I’m so tired of seeing people who say the want to help others like me, when all they really have is their own personal “agenda”. Stop trying to back us into a corner, or trying to get something to happen so that it “fits” your preconceived notions of people like me. I’m not saying you have to necessarily live with the struggles I face, but that it’s okay to say you don’t understand or know what’s happening. It’s okay to be confused or uneducated about what goes on with someone who suffers from mental illness. In fact, I will have so much more respect for you, if you could openly admit that.

I’ve gone back and forth with wanting to do a post in this style and about this subject matter, because it is so controversial; but quite frankly, I think it needs to be said and discussed. The bottom line is that “we” may share a specific diagnosis and suffer with some of the same symptoms, but that doesn’t mean the reasons why “we” are suffering are necessarily the same.

So I ask you this: instead of assuming you automatically know everything there is to know about someone who suffers from mental illness, take the time to get to know them. Take a minute to maybe process what is going on with that person, and ask some questions if you don’t fully understand. Please just stop assuming you have it all figured it out, because chances are you couldn’t be farther from the truth.


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