Breaking News- Girl attempts suicide on FACEBOOK LIVE! 


Social media has become our main form of communication and influence over the years that’s why it’s very important that we watch what we say and post. A young girl who’s name is unknown at the moment attempted suicide on Facebook live and within minutes police arrived before the situation turned for the worse. This incident could have ended up like most cases on Facebook live but a kind individual watched the video and took the matter seriously and contacted officials. It is very important that we monitor our children on social media outlets as well as teach our children about cyber bullying and bullying in general although the reason for her attempt is unknown it’s very important that you cover those topics with your children and have an open line of communication. Our thoughts and prayers are with this young lady and we hope she has a clear understanding of life and gets help and hopefully able to come out strong and encourage other individuals who may be facing similar situations. Take the negative and make it positive!


Video credits: Facebook


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