Exclusive Look: OKC First LGBTQ Webseries “Scandalous Tales” ๐Ÿ‘€



First and foremost you know we are always down to support positivity no matter the community and it’s so much love/hate toward our LGBTQ community it’s amazing when web-series like this happen. Not only that one of our founders BossLady stated ” she had to support her friend Ashley ( one of the main characters ) on doing something different and positive! Make sure y’all support SCANDALOUS TALES because the web-seriesย is just what the name is and it looks so juicy!ย 


“How is it, that you can know someone your whole life, but know them at all. How is it that you can say you love somebody, but still do them dirty? Some of us accept the things we think we deserve, but when does too much, become too much? We all lie a little, and some of us cheat, and some of us do everything in between. Take a walk in our shoes, and see how we’re living. Nothings excluded, nothing will be hidden. This is our story, “Scandalous Tales”.

Will love be enough, or will all fail? Will friendships be destroyed after the truth is exposed? Will grudges be forgiven, or will hate become a second home?”

Some will break, others will break so much they pull the trigger……”

These Oklahoma streets may bring us together, but they can also tear us apart. Welcome to the first ever #LGBT web series here in OKC! “

That’s what creators have posted on their like page and from just reading that it sounds juicy and like a series, I am ready to watch.

Make sure you check them out info posted below

Social Media Links:

Facebook:ย Scandalous Tales

Youtube:ย Scandalous Tales

Directed By: Alexandria Carr

Written By: Alexandria Carr and Nastachia Wells

Video Credits: Scandalous Tales/Facebook/Youtube




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