Lil Yachty Nautica Winter Collection!

Rapper and singer with trademark red hair who became best known for his hit song “1Night.” Other tracks found on his popular Soundcloud account include “Minnesota,” “Hollywood,” “Die By Myself Freestyle” and “Water on My Face“. He goes by the name Lil Yachty as well as Lil boat!!!! Making a way for himself as a rapper, doing commercials, modeling for Kanye West, and now a clothing collection.

Nautica has teamed up with the young rapper. Setting sail with his new retro collection. Collabing with his favorite brand the 20 year old said that he wasn’t exactly looking to be a designer. “I kept writing them, tagging them, and eventually getting their attention”.

His debut for his collection was September 7, 2017. He wore a Sherpa varsity jacket with a classic white t-shirt. He will have 19 pieces in his collection. It will be available October 2017, which is next month!!!! I have attached over a few of his items as well as the link. If you are a Nautica lover you would want to check it out! It’s actually hot!!!!

Here is the link:


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