Bodak Yellow Challenge feat @JimmiiMontana

Our CEO BossLady got the chance to speak with Jimmii Montana years ago back in 2013 ( if she’s correct lol ) she said it’s been so long ago. Her vibe, energy and passion for music is amazing. BossLadyShante had the chance to interview her live on radio during the peak of BossLady’s radio broadcasting career. Jimmii Montana has grown so much as an artist since then! BossLady also said her favorite freestyle from Jimmii was her ” Wetter ” freestyle or the freestyle she did to Alicia Keys ” Unthinkable “. Then I get on social media and I see she went viral for the Bodak Challenge and I’m excited for her because she deserves it! Ohio stand up!

Social Media Links:

Twitter: Jimmii Montana

YouTube:Jimmii Montana

With that being said WIYC readers how do you think she did? wellll that’s TEAAAAAA ☕️ and we will drink to that and you should too! Come take a sip!


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