I Will Endure….

Happy Wacky Wednesday everyone! We are officially half way through the week again, and for today’s blog post I wanted to try something new. I have decided to share a poetry piece I have written. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, and without further ado, let’s get on with today’s post.


By: Nicole Naishtut

It’s the hardest thing to do,

It makes me want to give up.

I try to stand strong and believe,

Believe that I can overcome all of this.

I tell myself this isn’t what has to define me,

This doesn’t make me who I am.

That I will see another day through,

And patiently await the arrival of tomorrow.

I close my eyes and wonder,

Wonder, what a different life might be like.

One without pain and anger,

But instead true and complete solace.

I pause and wait for a sign,

Something to tell me it’ll all be worth it in the end.

All I want to do is feel the sunlight again,

As it warms my cheeks and brings me comfort.

Yet all I see is darkness,

Above me, below me, all around me.

How can this be my life,

The destiny I was meant to live.

This cannot be it,

There has to be something I’m missing.

I must of taken another wrong turn,

And now I’m stuck to find my way back out again.

But I will not let this consume me,

Taking the little that’s left of me.

I will overcome this reality,

The reality that I have been living for far too long.

I will make it through this,

Whatever “this” is.

I will fight the stigmas,

The stigmas society places on people like me.

I will be that voice,

The voice of reason for myself and others.

I will be the example that paves the way,

The way for those who are more lost than me.

I will push through this darkness,

This darkness that wants to swallow me up whole.

All this time,

All this time I’ve been waiting.

Waiting for something to help,

To help explain it all.

Looking for a reason to continue on,

Yet the answer was in front of me all this time.

I take a deep breath in,

While looking back at my reflection.

The answer is ME,

It’s been ME all along.

I have the ability to endure,

To stand strong and make it through.

So I will carry on,

Living this life.

This life that is part of me,

That is no mistake, no wrong turn.

And it will be worth it in the end,

I may not see it now, but one day I will.

I will continue to walk through this darkness,

The darkness in which I thought I was alone.

I am not alone,

All of you are right here with me.

Living the same truths I’m living,

Fighting the same battles I’m fighting.

Together we can do this,

Together we can stand strong.

So let’s continue to endure today,

For it will bring us our tomorrow.

I hope you truly loved this different style post I chose to go with. It is an original piece, that I had recently written, and I decided that I wanted to share it with you today. I often speak about the word Endure and how significant it is to me, in many of my blog posts. It holds a very special place in my life. I have since altered the original quote somewhat, so that it truly fit me, and I will definitely be doing a future post soon on both versions. I know this isn’t the kind of poem that rhymes or has four lines per verse.

However, it is very real for me and I hope that you can relate to some of it.

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this post and I truly hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Until next time….

Stay Sweet ♡ Stay True ♡ Stay You.


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