Today marks the 21st anniversary death of Rapper Tupac Shakur! 


Tupac Shakur 

June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996

Today marks 21 years since we lost the real GOAT 🐐 Tupac Shakur he changed the game. His songs touched millions across the world. He created music that shaped our culture in all aspects. I was only 4 when he died but at 4 years old I was sold as a fan! My father is a huge Tupac fan and it kind of wore off on me not that I’m mad about it lol but it’s like when you’re younger and your parents dress you in their favorite sports team jersey and it grows on you ( that’s the exact feeling ). Not only was Tupac the greatest rapper of all time, he was a poet and such a gentleman and you wonder how I know from the numerous of  videos I’ve watched and studied. He’s a legend and his death still impacts millions around the world. It still makes people wonder is he really dead or alive? 


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