Tech Thursday: WWDC 2017

Happy Tech Thursday Everyone! For today’s tech related blog post I wanted to discuss the biggest news in the tech world currently, and that is WWDC 2017. In case you missed Apple’s Live Keynote I have included it in the link above, and wanted to quickly go over some of the things I announced yesterday. Please keep in mind I’m not a major tech guru, as well as I didn’t want this post to solely be a recap of WWDC. Instead, I wanted it to be more of my thoughts/opinions on what was shown at the event, and the things that I’m most excited about. So without further ado, let’s get on with today’s Tech Thursday post.

Each year people all over the world pray they receive an invite to Apple’s most coveted event, WWDC. And this year was especially exciting, as it was the tenth anniversary and took place in the brand new Steve Jobs Theatre. However, if you weren’t able to “attend” WWDC, no worries because, we are still offered the opportunity to watch the event live on a few different social media platforms such as, Twitter and YouTube. Also provides a direct link to the Keynote, in case you couldn’t catch it live and have re-watch the event later in the day!

Now, being the Apple Fan Girl that I am, I was already running the developer betas on both my iPhone 7 Plus, and my Apple Watch Series 1. So as far as the software announcements, I wasn’t as excited to hear about that. I also have a few specific YouTube channels that I follow closely, and stay up to date on all information regarding WWDC leading up to the actual event.

For me, I was most excited to see the final designs of the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch, as both are my daily drivers. I must say that although I am still excited to see the new devices in person, for the first time ever, I’m actually not in any rush to upgrade to any of the newest models being offered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited about the new display and seeing the all glass design reinvented, but I am not a fan of the iPhone X (which was the main contender for me should I upgrade. While I understand why the camera orientation had to change, I do not like the vertical design at all. Furthermore, you don’t want to get me started on the the extremely limited color options that were announced. I think it was such a mistake returning to the space gray (even though some reports are saying “it’s a different space gray then we’ve ever seen before”), and I think it was also a mistake removing rose gold from the official line up.

From the pictures I’ve seen, it appears as though the gold will have a rosy “hue” to it, and out of the three color options I have to say the silver is what looks nicest to me. That being said, my final opinion of the iPhone X is it will of course be beautiful, I mean it was designed by Apple, but as for making sure I make the preorder or wanting to get my ASAP….not so much. I’m not even going to really discuss the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as it’s basically the iPhone 7/7Plus combined with the iPhone X; except minus the gorgeous OLED display and vertical camera.

Lastly, as have the Apple Watch Series 3. Out of all the devices being released I am most excited for this one, not because I want to pay extra with my wireless provider to use the LTE capabilities. But instead, because Apple was smart enough to release two Series 3 options. One with the GPS & LTE, and the other with solely the GPS. I use my Apple Watch literally everyday and all day. It has been a total game changer for me, and I will definitely be considering getting the Series 3 GPS only model. I am very excited to go into my local Apple store and try on the new Apple Watch.

Now, I will be completely honest and say that until, I can see both iPhones in person, I’m not set in stone, with not wanting either device right away. However, as of right now with the information I have, I’m just not that excited for the new releases as I usually would be. At this time last year I was hoping there would be a way to upgrade from my previous iPhone to the new 7 Plus. While this time around I am in no rush whatsoever to try and decide which one I will upgrade too.

I will do a follow up post with mod pictures with all three devices (hopefully), once I am able to go to my local Apple store and see all three devices in person. I hope you enjoyed reading my reaction to Apple’s 2017 WWDC and look forward to seeing what my final verdict is on all three devices after having a chance to see them in person. I would absolutely love to hear what device(s) you are most excited about getting your hands on in the comments section below and until next Tech Thursday…..

Stay Sweet ♡ Stay True ♡ Stay You.


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