Fashion: $2,100 Naked Sweater Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Everything isn’t for everybody and everybody isn’t for everything! Hopefully you can catch my drift. Calvin Klein released new NAKED SWEATER ( sleeves only jk ) for a pretty steep price and when I say pretty steep I mean retail at $2,165 and I’m sure that’s not including taxes. For that price this sweater better clean itself and it better go with every outfit you wear and it should include shoes and also a nice ride for that price lol… This is the perfect sweater when Texas is having one of those bipolar weather days, you know when it’s too hot for pants but too cold for flip flops? They say you pay the price for the things you want I guess it’s safe to say this isn’t one of the must haves for my closet but it’s definitely a must have for someone else’s. So WIYC readers how do you feel about the NAKED SWEATER 👀☕️ HOT OR NOT SO HOT? 


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