Floyd Mayweather SUPPORTS Trump and His p**** grabbing comments!

How can you support a man that degrades women and people period? I mean why are people so upset that Floyd supports trump when he allegedly hits on women? Why are we surprised? Honestly just think about it. Our president is a very racist human being and many entertainers support him. So, am I surprised Floyd supports him …H*** No! It’s just very sickening to me might I add that. Take it from a man that doesn’t believe in having one girlfriend because having one girlfriend means having almost none, says Floyd. I have to agree with him saying that Trump isn’t being any different than the typical disrespectful man but once you step up and you’re the leader of our country those actions should change but I’d rather him be his true self than portraying something else so now people know not to vote for him the next time it’s time to vote. Can we just be a single country for a while? Because the way that the past relationships have been going with the presidents… well they just aren’t working out how they should and the one president we lasted long term with is back enjoying his normal life ( back to the regularly scheduled programming ). I just can’t believe Floyd but then again I can but this is everyone’s favorite boxer and it’s just a slap in the face to me. I just look at him so different after that… WIYC I mean what’s your take on it? Leave a comment we want the tea! 


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