14 Signs – She’s A Keeper!

  • You think about how lucky you are to catch her at the right moment, right time.
  • She’s concerned, almost obsessed, with your needs and pleasure, especially in the bedroom.
  • She doesn’t make you pay for every date. She wants you to know how it feels to be spoiled as you would for her.
  • She’s observant and notices the things you do no matter if it’s big or small. She’s very appreciative of the things you do and shows it.
  • She doesn’t mind checking you when you’re wrong and vise versa. It’s important to check each other without offending one another
  • She finds little ways to show you that she cares. She values the friendship and makes sure she keeps a balance.
  • Everything you do for one another is equal. If you spend $30 on her and she spends $100 on you it’s still the same amount of money.
  • She doesn’t look for attention else where and knows what she has with you and values that bond.
  • She can hold a conversation and the only thing on her mind isn’t sex. What’s beauty without brains?
  • She encourages you – she gets excited about the things you want to do in life. She treats your goals and aspirations as if they were hers. She stands behind you and encourages you to chase your goals. If she does those things you’ve found a teammate worth holding onto.
  • She puts in effort for you. It’s not always take and take. She puts in the same exact effort as it took to get you.
  • You can laugh and cry together.
  • You have similar views for the future. There is nothing like having some of the same views in life
  • She pleases you sexually ; lets face it we all liked to be pleased sexually no matter what.

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