Zodiac Guru: Zodiac Signs When Hurt 

Capricorn – When a Capricorn is hurt they have a SHARP TONGUE. When a Capricorn is hurt, theybwill not exhibit their rage in public. Instead, they are known for keeping their anger to themselves and totally ignoring their lovers.

Aquarius – When an Aquarius is hurt you will NEVER truly know unless you know them and watch how they act. They almost never hurt as deeply. Though they still experience feelings of insecurity at first, it usually only takes a day or two for them to realize that they are worthy of much more

Pisces – When Pisces are hurt it feels like their world is falling apart. When a Pisces is hurt they shut everyone out.

Aries – Aries try not to be but when an Aries is hurt they will try to make you feel the pain they feel a thousand times more. When hurt an Aries will become quiet, cold or act very strong and secure.

Taurus – When a Taurus is hurt they build a wall. Once a Taurus is hurt they will try to act tough and hide it.

Gemini – When a Gemini is hurt they go for blood ( You will be the one crying in the end ).

Cancer – When a Cancer is hurt they will stay home alone quietly. A Cancer sees no grey areas and will NOT give second chances. Once you hurt a Cancer they will no longer allow you to be apart of their lives.

Leo – When Leo’s are hurt they can be over dramatic. For a Leo, hurt pride is the dark side for them. When hurt Leo’s shut down and become really heartless!

Virgo – When you hurt a VIRGO they will NEVER want to see you again in life. They are like a magician POOF BE GONE. Sometimes a Virgo could be so hurt but you will never know.

Libra – When a Libra is hurt it’s hard for them to snap out of it. A hurt Libra can walk the entire world hurt with a smile on their face but no one will know unless you are close to them.

Scorpio – When a Scorpio is hurt they tend to hide their feelings but if they hide them for too long they will explode. Scorpio’s are easily hurt and sensitive so be careful with them.

Sagittarius – When a Sagittarius is hurt they don’t stay hurt for long it’s more of a learning experience for them.


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