You’re The Sugar Honey Iced Tea Feat DFW’s Dopest Female Tattoo Artist ‘Krystal Tatted’

You know we never count anybody out when it comes to recognizing talent, especially when we spot it head on and being a FEMALE doing anything in life can be a bit challenging due to the world being such a sexist world but somebody has to prove them wrong! We have been watching Krystal and her work for quite some time now and to say the least, it doesn’t surprise us that she is one of the best female tattoo artists in DFW AREA. If we could describe Krystal’s work ” What’s In Your Cup ” would say she’s very detailed with her tattoos and she adds so much color which brings each tattoo to life from what we’ve seen. And even if you aren’t a fan of getting tattoos just by looking at how DOPE her tattoos are you would definitely want to get a tattoo done just because her tattoos have so much life and detail in them it’s almost like the tattoo pops out of your skin with the 3D look. Not only that, she doesn’t just leave her artistic style on skin she also brings canvases to life that you can purchase and add to your home gallery or place of business. If that doesn’t say DOPE FEMALE changing the tattoo game then what does? Check her out RIGHT NOW…Information, pictures, and videos will be posted below on how you can contact her. GET TATTED BY KRYSTAL!

Contact Info:

  • Address: Ink House Tattoos – 833 N. Belt Line Rd. Irving, Texas 75061
  • Phone Number: (214)-870-6605
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Krystal Tatted
  • Instagram: Krystal Tatted
  • Snapchat: krystalstatted


Picture and Video Credits: Krystal Tatted/Cloey Crayola


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