Zodiac Guru: When Things About Signs Are Effed Up!

Aries: already has a backup plan

Taurus: You can’t ever feel secure because just when you do you will drop it. 

Gemini: Don’t go through her phone.

Cancer: She has 10 backup plans, and all of them are your best friends.

Leo: She’s got it figured out to where you can’t just leave her life. She has every string you have attached. Tread softly or she will flip that whole life upside down

Virgo: She has you in love, but she probably isn’t. If she is she will make sure you’re hers till death.

Libra: She’s cute and soft on the outside. One little problem. If their is someone cuter than you she’s already plotting how to sleep with him.

Scorpio: this sedeuctress doesn’t need revenge. Hers is that everyone is already in love with her, and she knows it.

Sagittarius: Evil is the word, but the charm will outsmart you even if you see it coming you’ll fall for it.

Capricorn: People say they act cold, and aren’t. They are. Ask your best friend/s

Aquarius: Everything about them is fucked, but you can’t help but want that in your life to spice it up.

Pisces: If one is in your life you’re under their spell. They are good at having you do things their way, and making you want to. They win either way.


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