Montia Sabagg Denies Filming #SexTape with Kevin Hart


Photo courtesy of black sports online

Wednesday, morning attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference with her client Montia Sabagg. Montia Sabagg states that she doesn’t want any money from Kevin Hart, she’s not a stripper and that she’s not the character everyone is making her out to be. Montia Sabagg is the woman responsible for the controversy and apology that Kevin Hart made out via social media to his family for stepping out in his current marriage.

Bloom said during the press conference, ” Montia is a victim of a crime. Someone apparently snuck cameras into Kevin Hart’s private hotel suite in Las Vegas and recorded bedroom images of the two. It is a crime to secretly put cameras in a private place like a hotel room. It is another crime to secretly record people in a private place. It is yet another crime to distribute those images. Montia is the victim of multiple felonies under state and federal laws”.

Attorney Lisa Bloom also reported that Sabagg is not seeking any compensation regarding the incident.

” Montia and I are not asking for a cent from Kevin Hart. This is not about money. We are not using him. We are not making any claims against him. Any reports to the contrary are false. Kevin Hart appears to be the victim of this crime, just as Montia is a victim of this crime”.

“I am not trying to extort the comedian/actor in any kind of a way I only hired an attorney to protect myself and my image, Montia said during the press conference.

 See the footage from the press conference and Kevin Hart’s apology below….

video courtesy of TMZ


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