Rapper Offset partners with @AmericanCancer to raise $500k in honor of his Grandma

Not only is Rapper Offset “ bad and boujee “ he’s bad and thoughtful too. The Migos group member teamed up with American Cancer Society to raise $500,000 in honor of his late grandmother who died due to the illness. The fundraiser launched to promote cancer research, according to Billboard.

Photo Courtesy of Thisis50

Offset told the American Cancer Society, “It was really tough, losing my grandma to cancer, and one of the hardest things I have dealt with in my life”. He also added, “She motivated me to do my best and go for it, one of my biggest coaches.”

Offset didn’t cease to amaze anyone especially his mother, Latabia Woodward, who admired Offset’s motivation to partner with The American Cancer Society.

Offset isn’t alone in this because not only do they make hits together but his fellow group members Takeoff and Quavo are right beside him and doing whatever it takes to help their brother in music raise $500,000.

And just to put icing on the cake Offset has also incorporated a sweepstakes of his own with the fundraiser. If you donate $10 or more, you will be entered for a chance to be flown to Los Angeles for a personal shopping trip with Offset. 

Click Here to donate to Offset’s fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
Just so we can add: it’s always SWEET when entertainers are so humane! Congrats Offset for stepping up and being bad and thoughtful!


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