Rumor Has It That Jay-Z Turns Down Halftime Show 😱

Photo Courtesy of XXL 

There’s been rumors floating everywhere that iconic rapper Jay-Z has declined opportunity to bless the Halftime super bowl stage.

With the event being a month away it looks like they are being forced to make other arrangements. 

Sources, reported this being connected to the song that Jay-Z dedicated to Colin Kaepernick — the football player who knelt for the National Anthem to protest the killing of black people by the police — and it was a move that cost Kaepernick politically. 

Although Kaepernick is an outstanding football player, he wasn’t granted a position on the team but it looks like THE NFL won’t be granted access to Jay-Z’s performance either.

We wonder will Jay-Z buckle down and accept the offer or will he stand proud to support Kaepernick… guesss we will have to find out wellll that’s TEAAAAAA ☕️ and we will drink to that! Come take a sip!


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