CELEBRI-TEA: R&B Singer Usher Raymond still in the running for America’s Next Top “STD” Model!

Seems like yet again there is trouble in paradise for R&B singer Usher Raymond. 

Three people have come forth, stating that the R&B singer exposed them to herpes and of the three victims, one was a man. 😱 Usher has yet to comment publicly on the allegations confirming if the rumors are true or false. 

The man, who has not revealed his identity, says that the pair had sex in a Los Angeles spa in Koreatown- according to a new source.

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Out

Earlier, this week a woman by the name of Laura Helm, revealed her identity exposing the R&B singer. Laura Helm, claims in new legal documents, she had two sexual encounters with the R&B singer. The legal documents were very descriptive stating that Laura never saw him finish the act because he would run to the bathroom. Helm is suing Usher for 20 million dollars for allegedly giving her genital herpes.

giphy (5)

JUST IN- A source says a new woman along with the woman and man is also suing 38-year-old Usher Raymond. The victim states, that Usher exposed her to herpes and sadly she gave birth to stillbirth twins. The woman accusing Usher says she contracted the disease after her and the singer had sex at least twice.

Sources, tell us that Usher declined taking an STD test to prove that the singer doesn’t have Herpes.

Makes you wonder if he really has it when something like that happens. Now we don’t know if this is a publicity stunt to make the R&B singer relevant again but there is definitely trouble in Paradise!

Well, that’s TEAAAAAA and we will drink to that and you should too! Come take a sip!


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