5 Facts About Tupac Shakur That You Didn’t Know! 

With the facts you are about to read be advised although Tupac was loved by millions he was human and as a human we have flaws. 

Photo Courtesy of KQED

1. His mother was incarcerated during her pregnancy – His mother Afeni Shakur was in prison for most of her pregnancy on more than 150 charges of “ Conspiracy against US Government and New York landmarks “, but was acquitted about a month before giving birth to Tupac on June 16, 1971.

Photo Courtesy of Gamespot

2. Tupac always stood firm- Tupac Shakur was chosen to play a lead role in Menace II Society, but after an altercation with Co-Director Allen Hughes, he was replaced by Lorenz Tate. 

3. Tupac dated Madonna- Shakur and Madonna dated 3 years before he died. A prison letter revealed the reason for Madonna as Tupac’s split up was because she was white and it could hurt both of their careers and reputations. Judging by the published paragraphs, however, it seems that Shakur may have been unhappy about Comments made by Madonna in previous interviews, in particular an alleged remark about how she was “off to rehabilitate all the rappers & basketball players”. 

Photo Courtesy Of HipHop DX

4. His Step-Father was on FBI’s most wanted- Mutulu Shakur was on FBI’s most wanted list from 1982-1986 for helping his sister, Assata Shakur escape from a New Jersey prison, where she was jailed for killing a state trooper. So now as a fan you see where his “ f*** the police “ mentality came from.

5. Quincy Jones and Tupac- In 1993, Rashida Jones, then 17, wrote an angry letter to Shakur after he criticized her father, Quincy Jones, for having relationships with white women.

Nobody is perfect again although Tupac was an amazing and talented man everyone has flaws but if he didn’t do anything else he brought everyone together! 


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