Applications For Every Fashionista

Fashion and style is important to a lot of women. For this reason, they are constantly looking for ways to enhance their style and stay updated with the latest trends, shop and keep track of their own style, stay organised, and save time while doing all of that.

There are several blogs available that serve as guides, but sometimes, we require some things that make our fashion making decisions and receiving fashion updates a lot easier.

I have put together a couple of apps which I feel would be useful to fashionistas or just anyone that likes to stay up to date with the fashion world and also stay organised. I have tried out all of these apps; some of them I still use, some I do not use anymore.


Now its very easy to go onto a brand’s website or an online store to place an order for one’s fashion needs. But it is a lot easier when you have the application right there on your phone and not having to go into your phone’s browser every single time. It’s even more fun, now that our favorite online stores have apps! Furthermore, there are applications that combine a wide range of brands from the less expensive to high-end ones, those that offer sale and resale opportunities and a lot more. Basically, there’s a lot of options for everyone irrespective of your budget. So, here is the list of the apps by category.

i. Random to Specific Shopping Apps.

In this category of apps, you can find random fashion pieces that are unique and also pieces from a few well-known brands.

Amazon Shopping. Available for free on Andriod and IOS devices. Offers one-click ordering, customer support, wish lists, order tracking, and more. Amazon is one of the world’s largest online shopping platform and one is able to get almost any kind of fashion essentials at relatively good prices. You could also get a $200 Kate Spade dress and a $400 dress by Diane Von Furstenberg on Amazon, making amazon an app for everyone.

Jumia Online Shopping. Available for free on Android and IOS devices. Available in twenty-three African countries. I personally love Jumia and I still use the App. Its easy to use and one can find many international fashion and beauty brands on the platform. If you’re ever in Africa, check it out.

Other apps to check out are:
Etsy and
Poshmark (App available only in the U.S.)

ii. Brand Specific Apps

Certain brands have their apps available for free on the App Store. If you buy a lot of things from a specific brand, then I would advise you to search for the app on your App store. If available, download or purchase it, it could make shopping so much easier. Also, you would be able to receive updates on the brand. Some of the brand apps I have tried are; Forever21, Asos, Zara, Bershka, and H&M. Because I’m always on Bershka and H&M, I could not bring myself to part with those two apps.

iii. For Well-known Brands

Some online stores offer a wide range of products from well-known brands that are either budget friendly or high-end. Here are some apps to consider.

Shopstyle. A search engine that puts buyers in contact with various retailers. I call it my fashion google. This app works by forwarding you to the retailer’s website where you can purchase the product. The app is very easy to use and you can even find products that may not be available in other places there on it. It has a large selection of brands with which you can choose from and this app is for everyone, irrespective of your budget.

Gilt. This app offers products from high-end brands but at discounted rates! It keeps you informed with the latest sales and promos. I still use this app, but I get upset whenever I am in a country that they do not ship to. I really wish they will expand where they ship to because it is an awesome app.

Keep Shopping from For everyone who has seen outfit inspiration pictures but is unable to purchase the pieces put together to build the outfit, this app is for you. Keep Shopping app provides a feed which you can scroll through and purchase the items from outfit inspirations on the spot. The app also provides you information on latest trends and sales.

-The RealReal. This app makes it easy to shop for authentic pre-owned luxury items at discounted rates. I love this app because even though what I get are not entirely brand new, I’m provided with the means to own and wear luxury goods.


As a fashion lover, it is important to be in the know of any new trends, news, and gossip in the fashion world. Thank the heavens that more apps are now being developed to suite that purpose. Here is a list of apps to consider;

Instagram. Yes! Isn’t every single fashion blogger on Instagram? The most famous fashion figures of this present day are on Instagram. The trend-setters are on Instagram. Gossip sites, columns, reporters are all on Instagram! So, following your favourite bloggers and brands, or even scrolling through the “Explore” feed on your Instagram will be sure to keep you in track with the fashion world.

-Chic Feed. This app provides an amazing compilation of the most popular street-style from top sites and blogs, keeping you up to date with the latest fashion.

The Cut. For breaking news and happenings in the fashion world. This app is everything. You get news and updates, shows reviews, trends, gossip, you name it! I highly recommend getting this app.


I’m obsessed with organising everything down to the last detail. What I would normally do is to have all my daily outfits put together a day before I wear them or when I know my week will be an extremely busy one, I put the daily outfits together for the whole week. It might seem like too much work at first, but it helps me to stay organised and focus on other things; hence, saving time. Here are the apps I recommend for organising outfits;

Smart Closet – Your Fashion Style / Outfit Ideas. This app is a lifesaver! Its hands down one of the best fashion assistants out there. It very easy to use. You can add clothes by taking pictures , edit details for your clothes by category, colour, brand, season, and even more! You can create looks by combining clothes freely and plan what to wear in your calendar. The app also provides a means with which you can track your outfits and get detailed statistics of your closet, including clothes available to be worn, those needed to be washed, and those currently in the laundry. You also get daily notification of your look without having to worry about what to wear. It also has a feature where you can shop from different brands.

Your Closet – Smart Fashion. This one isn’t very different from the Smart Closet app.


-Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game
-Polyvore Style: Fashion To Buy
I know a lot of people might not have the time for this category, but on the go, these are nice apps to use to while away some time. Also, you can shop popular trends and outfits on them.

So, there you have it! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to go download every single app listed above, but some of them are worth considering if they fit your needs in any way. Also, they have been tested, and are trusted!

Remember, these suggestions are based on a personal opinion. Feel free to suggest any other app or something you feel I may have omitted in the comments. Don’t forget to share!



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