DIY Embellished Socks

Hello fashionistas! Here is a tutorial I think you’re really going to love! This tutorial is by Salma Mehjabeen, a fashion designer, an Abaya revolutionist, and the founder of Bint Dubai. The inspiration of this tutorial came from the “sock-boot” trend of Fall 2017.

Seeing as this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it would be nice to consider trying it out this coming fall. Wearing socks with heels and even some flat shoes have proven to be trendy and does a lot to spicing up your outfit, as seen on a variety of fashionistas around the world!

Fall/Winter can be a bit too dull with people wearing black and dull colours mostly. You can give a bit to colour and brighten up you look a bit by embellishing your socks. To learn how to do that, keep reading!

So, here is the tutorial.



You will need;


  1. A pair of socks.
  2. Crystals or ceramic flowers.
  3. Tailors chalk.
  4. Thread and sewing needle. 
  5. Scissors 

Now that you’ve gathered, it’s time to make them socks look pretty! 

  1. Wear your socks IMG_20170925_203139_743.jpg
  2. Chalk mark the placement of the flowers
  3. Hand sew or glue the flowers to your socks 

That’s it ladies! It is super easy!

Now, wear these socks day or night, pair them with heels or ballerinas and slay this fall like a boss!


Thanks to Salma Mehjabeen for letting me share this awesome tutorial. Do check her out on Instagram @missbintdubai and website


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