Dallas Cowboy’s: Would you consider Kneeling before The National Anthem supporting Colin Kaepernick or is it supporting Donald Trump?

Word around town was if any player that played for The Cowboy’s that participated in the #TakeAKnee trend would be fired immediately! Looks like that was changed for Monday night football, Owner Jerry Jones and his players supported Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump by kneeling before The National Anthem. Jerry Jones stated he never stated that the players would be fired for kneeling but he wanted to be fair since he donated to POTUS campaign. It’s shocking because of all of the rumors stating that Jones would fire his players no matter their position or how good of a player they were.

Everyone has their own choices and beliefs so by stating that firing your players is your consequence for kneeling is taking away a persons right to express themselves. Many NFL and Cowboy fans have stated that they will be boycotting both the NFL and The Dallas Cowboy Team. There was an uproar on social media Monday night because people felt as if Jerry Jones and his team supported both Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump since the kneel was before The National Anthem.


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