Is having the ring and last name really worth it? 

As I was sitting here thinking about marriage, having a title/bond and being single a few thoughts 💭 came to mind. Is having a ring and the last name really worth it?

You have people that will be together for 15+ years and not think once to go to the alter and you have people that will know their spouse barely two years and will skip to the alter just because they feel like that person is the one and society says if you end up married yiure wifey material.

Statistics show that affairs are most likely to occur within two years into a marriage. So when thinking about getting married why be such in a rush? Be patient, it’s okay to take your time. Get to know the person recent studies show you learn a person everyday of your life.  

Who do you think cheats more married women or married men? If you guessed married men then you are wrong, it’s MARRIED WOMEN! New studies show married women are more likely to step out on their married than married men. Many married women are seeking sexual desires from other men without any thoughts on divorcing their partner.

It’s possible to be with someone with no desire or need to get married? Yes, the goal is to date, build a bond, have children and one day get married, but if you don’t end up married and just end up being with the person 20+ years does that devalue your relationship?

Do you place a time limit on when you should get married? How do you know if that person is the one? Why do women who have a ring frown at women who don’t have a ring?


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