Jaleel White “Talks” Family Matters Reboot with Netflix 

A Family Matters reunion wouldn’t be “complete” without acknowledging Michelle Thomas. After the cast of the ‘90s sitcom recently reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photoshoot, Jaleel White shared a sentimental message about the late actress, who played his tv girlfriend Myra, on the show.

“No reunion would be complete without me acknowledging our beloved Michelle Thomas,” The 40-year-old actor wrote on Instagram Thursday (Sept. 28). “This little ray of sunshine gave me some of the best physical comedy moments I’ll ever play on screen. Michelle’s smile never failed to brighten your day and I will forever miss my bubbly Myra Monkhouse #RIP 😔1968-1998 ❤️ I love you, Michelle.”

Thomas was best known for her roles on Family Matters, and The Cosby Show, died from cancer in 1998.

Well we hope they at least do a short sitcom just to bring back those memories and honor Myra in the mist of it all! 

wellll that’s TEAAAAAA ☕️ and we will drink to that and you should too! Come take a sip!

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