90’s R&B Singer: Christopher Williams Arrest For Stealing Headphones 🎧 

The incident occurred over the weekend. R&B singer Christopher Williams (50) was accused of stealing $99 headphones from a Kohl’s store in Georgia. 

Chris Williams is known for 90’s New Jack City soundtrack hit single “I’m Dreamin’”. 


In the late 80’s early 90’s, Chris Williams was the boyfriend of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. After Halle Berry told interviewers that an abusive ex-boyfriend struck her so hard that she lost most of the hearing in her right ear, many people assumed that Williams was the unnamed ex-boyfriend. Williams defended himself to Eurweb, the entertainment news website, denying that he ever harmed Berry, and suggesting that Berry has been referring to actor Wesley Snipes


Sources reported, that the singer walked into the retail store with a baseball cap and a tote bag. We were told that he went to the back of the retail store and threw the headphones in the bag and proceeded to walk out. When security approached Williams, he stated that he simply forgot that he had the headphones in the tote bag. 

Before he was able to fully explain the incident the cops were called and he was placed in handcuffs and arrested for petty theft, a misdemeanor. He was released a couple of hours later.

Media sources have reached out to the singer with no comments back regarding the incident.

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