Celebri-Tea: R&B Singer Usher’s Stalker Threatens To Sue For $80k



What’s In Your Cup, exclusively reports, the legal drama between R&B singer Usher Raymond and his alleged stalker, Darshelle Jones. As we all know the R&B singer Usher Raymond has been in the tabloids lately for his STD trace. Looks like we are back again for another possible lawsuit against Raymond.

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Darshelle Jones has made a new filing claim in the criminal case, penning a handwritten letter in which she claims that she plans to sue the R&B singer. Jones was found not competent to stand trial in 2016, penned a six-page letter.

” I would like to file a lawsuit against Usher Raymond IV for $80,000.00 for libel, slandering my name, ruining my reputation and defamation of character, including pain and suffering in relation to wrongful incarceration.”

She also stated she had no idea of the protective order and the only reason she violated it was because she wasn’t aware of it. In another part of the letter she writes, ” I had no ill intent when I was outside and across the street from the recording studio. I wanted to acquire a quote for myself to complete my assignment for Usher’s master class, in which I was a student. “


Just to give the readers a little history:

Jones has been causing Raymond trouble for years. She was arrested in Atlanta after she showed up to a recording studio where Usher was recording.

Allegedly, Jones was across the street trying to record him with an iPad, which was in violation of the protective order that was granted to the R&B singer that Jones was unaware of. Darshelle has been ordered to stay 100 plus feet away from Usher and his family. She has been hit with a plethora of restraining orders over the years so this isn’t her first merry go round. She was later booked for aggravated stalking and is facing up to 10 years in jail due to the incident. Darshelle was previously awaiting trial and the judge came back and order Darshelle “not competent to stand trial at the time”. The judge ordered more tests to be done on Darshelle to see if she would be able to at a later time.

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