22-Year-Old Aspiring Lawyer Shot In Miami After Allegedly Hitting Cop With Her Car



What started out as a birthday celebration in Miami ended with a woman being fatally shot by police officers. 22- year-old aspiring lawyer, Carrian Hithon was fatally shot seconds after she knocked an officer off his feet during an attempt to flee from an accident, Sunday evening.

Officials said two officers walked up to the crash site after Hithon ran a red light and hit another car in an intersection.


A witness at the scene said, “she started the car and she ran away. She was like going over the policeman in front of her, the officer.”  Another witness yelled for Hithon to get out of the car but it seemed as if it was just a little too late.

It is still unknown as to why Hithon resisted getting out of the car. Officers and paramedics tried saving her, but she died at a nearby hospital.

The officer that was struck by the vehicle was taken to Ryder Trauma Center and appears to be conscious and talking 

Hithon’s father who was still in shock about the incident said the bizarre circumstances leading up to the police shooting was “out of character” for his daughter — who aspired to be a lawyer.

The Video below shows the police officer wasted no time pointing his weapon at Hithon and firing at least three shots. 

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