Rapper Z-Ro Won’t Be Charged In Alleged Domestic Violence Case With Rapper Girlfriend JustBrittany


Houston rapper, Z-Ro won’t face criminal charges for allegedly beating ex-girlfriend, rapper JustBrittany.

Back in July, Z-Ro was arrested after his then-girlfriend JustBrittany sent police audio of an alleged brutal beating. She said, that Z-Ro slapped her, beat her with a pistol and drug her around their home. In the recording, you could hear Z-Ro verbally abusing JustBrittany.

Despite all of the evidence that JustBrittany had against him, the grand jury was not able to indict Z-Ro this Tuesday.  

According to reports, His lawyer Charles Adams said, that he believes that the jury made this decision based on inconsistencies with the audio and Just Brittany’s written police statement.

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