Working Woman Wednesday Feat DJ Twisted E 🎧🎶


This weeks #WWW (WorkingWomanWednesday) is the hardest working female DJ that I know! Yes, you heard it right! Keep reading as I give you the tea on DJ Twisted E! I hope you have your cup ready.

” First, let me start by saying I remember discovering her on twitter as I was looking for a DJ for my independently owned internet radio station at the time. My team and I were scrolling and all I remember is sending screenshots telling everybody to check her out and the rest was history! She became apart of the radio crew although she wasn’t into hosting but more of the music we had some amazing times. Time flew by and she became more than just apart of the crew she became a big sister. We clicked instantly being that we are both LEO’s ( you know what that means ). We’ve worked together numerous of times and she’s an amazing person with a humble spirit. ” – BossLady



DJ Twisted E is a female DJ Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is a member of Fleet DJ’s | Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes| Virdiko | Supa Hott Ent | R.U.S.H Radio and Xtreme Radio E got her start in music from playing in school marching bands, jazz band and producing music. In the early 2000’s  E was the source for a few local artist to obtain a ” Show Mix CD ”  for performance reasons which escalated to her becoming a DJ. E played around with the idea and found a new love that added onto her passion for music. She would then, later on, invest and teach herself more about the elements of DJ’ing. DJ Twisted E has created a name for herself over the past few years which has caught the attention of a Dallas Texas local radio station K104 DJ Throwdown Sam, she has since then been an opening DJ for a few of his shows. E is still moving forward with her DJ’ing career and finding new ways to collab her musical background with DJ’ing.

Her Influences

Prince, Alicia Keys, Babyface, Missy Elliot, Cee Lo just to name a few.


Contact Info


What’s in your cup would like to applaud DJ Twisted E for being a hard working woman and acknowledge her on this Wednesday! Continue to connect with the universe while spinning tunes.

 – Do you know someone just as hard working as DJ Twisted E, getting their life in order, just an all around woman that deserves recognition email us @ or message BossLady on twitter @BossLadyShante ; please include pictures, social media info ( twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc ) and a short paragraph on why you feel as if the lady you’ve chosen should be picked. 

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