Reality Spin-Off: Meet The Flockas Feat Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera, Produced By Mona Scott-Young

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I know you loved the couple on #LHHATL by far they were a lot of viewers reality favorite couple. Did I say that? Well I know they were mine. No matter what Tammy stuck by Waka she’s the true definition of ’till death do us part’.

Well, the reality tv couple has earned more reality tv time! They’ve landed their own show ‘Meet The Flockas‘, produced by none other than Mona Scott-Young.


According to reports, the rapper says that he, his wife and step-daughter Charlie get more reality tv time with new reality show ‘Meet The Flockas’. He then adds, “And it ain’t scripted either. It’s not a scripted show. This isn’t something from the network. We control all this. It’s about time that the people see some real reality s**t.”


Waka Flocka gives praises and thanks to Love and HipHop franchise executive producer Mona Scott-Young for the opportunity.

” Thank God for Mona Scott Young. She definitely deserves some credit. Even to get the opportunity to get on the platform. But it’s up to you how to you to be represented to the world. “

Are you going to tune in?…. Well, That’s TEAAAAAAAAA!

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