Rumor Has It: R.Kelly Celebrates 22-Year-Old Girlfriend Halle Calhoun’s B-Day #BaeWatch


He’s back in the tabloids again! Not sure if the Pied Piper has learned his lesson but we are seeing some sparks flaming.

R.Kelly was recently spotted celebrating his rumored girlfriend Halle Calhoun’s birthday. Over the weekend, Halle turned 22.

She flooded social media with photos of what appeared to be her birthday celebration. (As Pictured Below) She posted a photo hugging the R&B singer with the caption “Thank you for such an unbelievable birthday!!!! @rkelly”

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Neither party has spoken publicly about their alleged relationship. Back in 2016, it was rumored that the R&B singer had begun dating the model at the time she was only 19 or 20.  The rumored couple was even spotted together partying at Atlanta’s Gold Room.

Again neither party has spoken about their relationship!


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