Celebri-Tea: Deion Sanders Loses $2 Million Dollar Defamation Case Against Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders


Deion Sanders Will NOT Receive 2 Million dollars from Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders. Pilar can officially catch a break! According to reports, an appeals court reversed her ex’s 2.2 million dollar defamation case against her.

The site reports, 

“Sooner or later the truth comes out,” Pilar told BOSSIP. “Never stop fighting for what you believe to be true…Don’t give up on what’s right and what’s true.”

An appellate panel of three judges sided with Pilar on her appeal of a 2015 court decision that found that she defamed Deion by making statements on television and social media that the former Dallas Cowboys cornerback had abused her, their kids and threatened to murder her.

A Texas Circuit Court judge initially found Pilar liable for $2.2 million in damages. But on Aug. 29, the appellate court judges ruled that Deion failed to provide proof that Pilar intentionally tried to harm him by making the statements.

The actress and fitness entrepreneur said she believes that the initial ruling was unfair and slanted in Deion’s favor and that she got a better shot in appeals court. Pilar is still adamant that she told the truth and never broke any law.”


Click here for the full story.

Deion Sanders and Pilar were married from 1999-2013. They share 3 children(Shilo, Shelomi Golenzer, and Shedeur). Deion is currently in a relationship with Tracey Edmonds, they’ve been exclusively dating since 2012. Deion Sanders has yet to speak in regards to the case since the decision.


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