Congratulations: Rapper Cardi B Signs With Sony/ATV Music Publishing


According to reports NY Rapper, Cardi B just signed with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. 

Cardi B recently shared her excitement via social media ( as pictured below ).


Cardi B is currently working on her first studio album, which is expected to release early 2018. The former LHHNY reality tv star’s song spent three weeks at Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Sony/ATV Co-President, U.S. Rick Krim publicly announced, “As ‘Bodak Yellow’ has already demonstrated, Cardi B is one of a rare breed of unique artists who the industry only witnesses occasionally. We are honored that Sony/ATV will get to work with this special talent who is not just impacting music but pop culture as well.”

From The ‘What’s In Your Cup’ Staff, we would like to say Congrats Cardi B on your new beginnings!


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