Atlanta Woman Arrested For Allegedly Putting Children In Oven And Turning It On

An Atlanta mother was recently arrested for putting her two toddler children in an oven and turning it on.

According to arrests reports, 24-year-old Lamora Willams was taken into custody Friday after putting her children ( 1-Year-Old Ja’Karter Penn & 2-Year-Old Ke’Yunta Penn ) in the oven and turning it on. Williams called 911 and told authorities she left the boys at home with her sister and when she returned home she noticed the toddlers were unresponsive.

Officers spoke with neighbors and several witnesses, who told them they don’t believe she left the children with her sister(in adult care) because this isn’t the first time the mother has left her two boys home alone.  

It is still unclear what lead to Williams putting her children in the oven Friday.

Investigators are still gathering evidence at this time. The cause of the toddlers death are unknown at this time.

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