Houston We Have A Problem- Well It Looks Like Cardi B And OffSet Might Have One!


They went from being relationship goals to being just like every other relationship! It looks like it might be trouble in paradise for the world’s favorite rap couple. 

According to recent reports, Cardi B’s relationship with her previous boyfriend Tommy hasn’t ended and he’s was just recently released from prison with a few words to say.


Tommy was released from prison after serving jail time in connection with credit card fraud – BUT NOW HE’S BACK!

It’s not clear what type of relationship Cardi B and Tommy have at this current moment but it’s obvious that they still have feelings for one another. Tommy has made it clear that he wants to talk to Offset(the dude that has his boo tripping).

Picture Of Tommy Below


Cardi B or her successful rapper boyfriend, fellow Migos member, Offset have yet to comment on the situation.


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