Isaiah Washington: Isn’t Too Fond Of Hair Extensions And Several Fans Aren’t Fond Of His Comments Either


Isaiah Washington isn’t too fond of hair extensions and it seems like several fans weren’t too fond of his outburst via social media(Twitter). This week, the 54-Year-Old actor Isaiah Washing posted a question (pictured below) directed towards women who wear weave/extensions questioning their emotional state. 

Let’s just say not too many people were happy about the question and some supported his question and his opinions about weave/hair extensions and of course some didn’t.



Although the tweets occurred on October 15th, it looks like he wasn’t finished the actor had something to say today as well(as pictured below) and he tagged a few celebrities in his tweets and gave props to Kerry Washington for loving her ‘Natural Hair’.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with Isaiah Washington?

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