The Wopsters: Mr & Mrs Davis #1017 💍

Yesterday ATL Rapper, Gucci Mane and loyal girlfriend, successful business owner, Keyshia Ka’ior said ‘I Do’.

Miilions across the world watched Gucci marry the woman of his life. Till death do them part and to have and to hold.

I personally was so emotional as I watched the wedding event. Love is an amazing feeling when it’s pure and real. You could tell when watching their “Mane Event” that the newly weds loved one another deeply and whole heartedly. Once you find a wife, you find a good thing and Gucci is one lucky man because he found his good thing. 

How many men can honestly say they had a woman in their corner through the good and bad? Not many, most new aged women don’t give chances, they are worried about society calling them dumb and putting them down for loving a person through everything even their rough patches. I myself honestly am one of those women because honestly there’s a fine line between loyal and just plain dumb! I say all this to say you have to go through with your mate to get through and things won’t always be peaches and cream WAKE UP!

We are so happy for Gucci and Keyshia and WIYC wishes them nothing but the best in their union!

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