Gucci Mane Didn’t Invite Mother Or Brother To The Mane Event(Wedding) 


Earlier last week, we reported that rumors were spread that newlywed, Keyshia Ka’oir didn’t invite her 3 children that reside in her home country, Jamaica to The Mane Event(wedding).

Well, it seems like they weren’t the only family members not invited!

Rumor has it, that a few important family members of the rapper, Gucci Mane were high-key missing in action at his massive wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir.

The rapper’s younger brother, Nate, says that he was not invited to the wedding, The Mane Event, which aired live on BET.

Nate also claims that their mother wasn’t invited as well, he never shared why they weren’t invited.

Gucci has yet to respond to reports that his mother and brother were not invited.

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