Tea Is Spilled: LHHATL Reality Star Stevie J Allegedly Having Relations With Trans Model Shauna Brooks

Reality Star Jhonni Blaze is going on a little frenzy and spilling some MAJOR TEA about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! 

You know what they say “never tell your left hand what your right hand is doing.” 

Looks like Mona Scott-Young should have kept a few things to herself before firing this DRAMA QUEEN…

Just in case you don’t know much about Jhonni Blaze she’s appeared on LHHNY seasons in the past.

According to the PETTY QUEEN, Stevie J is having sexual relations with the Transgender Model, Shauna Brooks. This isn’t an “I Heard” situation Jhonni revealed that Shauna Brooks has receipts to prove that she and Stevie have definitely been intimate. Ain’t nothing like receipts that’s almost the best REVENGE!


Transgender Model, Shauna Brooks

Trans Model Shauna Brooks has recently appeared on E!’s reality series Botched, opening about her recent plastic surgery.



Jasmine Washington

Jhonni then goes on to spill MORE TEA about Jasmine Washington and Kirk Frost(Rasheeda’s Husband). RUMOR HAS IT, according to the petty queen that someone is paying Jasmine to claim that Kirk is the father of her child. The storyline carried on most of the season but the paternity test has yet to be revealed.

According to reports, Jhonni decided to spill all types of tea due to a disagreement her and Stevie J had via Social Media….

Listen To What Jhonni Had To Say Below

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