Spill The Tea: A List Of Female Celebs That You Wouldn’t Want To Sleep With

Most people think just because celebrities are celebrities that they are exempt from anything in life that varies from death to STD’s. Just because you come in contact with an STD doesn’t mean you slept with everybody, you could have trusted your partner who might have slept with EVERYBODY and now you gotta throw the whole significant other away!

Here’s a list of celebs that you would have never thought had an STD

we are just spilling the Tea!

Paris Hilton


If you were shocked you shouldn’t be with drinking and cocaine being apart of Paris’ life things like this are prone to happen. You can’t go against the grain when the proof is in the pudding! Hilton had a storage locker that she hadn’t used in a while and was sold due to her falling behind on payments for her apartment. The buyers found Valtrex and uncovered instructions from a doctor on proper medical usage.

Jessica Alba


I know a lot of people have had their fair share of Jessica Alba fantasies! Well, I’m not sure how much longer you are going to want to fantasize after finding out this. According to reports, Jessica Alba contracted herpes from ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter(NY Yankees player). In case you didn’t know Jeter was most known for his celebrity flings. Thot or Thot! A former employee of her husband Cash Warren used to go and fill her Valtrex on a regular basis.

Victoria Beckham


According to reports, former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham contracted herpes from her husband, David Beckham.

Mariah Carey


We bet shaking off a bad relationship isn’t the only thing Mariah wish she could shake. Well, long before dating Nick Cannon, Mariah contracted something she couldn’t shake from ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter… It is said that possibly Carey could of contracted the STD during the time she and Jeter were sexually active. Mariah has yet to come forward or admit to having the disease.

It has also been rumored that these ladies have herpes as well….. nothing has been confirmed if the rumors are true or not..

With that being said just be safe and protect yourself because everything that glitters isn’t gold. Everything that looks good isn’t always good! Makes you wanna throw the whole celebrity crush away lol…. Safe sex is great sex end of discussion.

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