Rumor Has It, Drake And The Weekend Beefing Over The Weekend’s Ex-Girlfriend, Bella Hadid

Drake and The Weeknd - O2 Arena, London 25/03/2014 | Photo by Bu

According to reports, a woman has come in between Drake and The Weekend’s friendship.

You know they say bro’s before h**s and it looks like the code has been broken and it’s time to throw the whole friendship away!

Rumor has it, the pair has fallen out over The Weekend’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid. 

We think Drake earns the actual title for ‘The Real Mr.StealYourGirl’ Trey Songz better watch out!

According to inside sources, Drake has been allegedly seen hooking up with the singer’s ex-girlfriend. The inside source says, 

“They both hang in the same Toronto crew and now they’re having to pick sides. The Weeknd performed and people on Drake’s side were like, ‘I can’t show up to that … Got to have allegiance’.”


The Weekend & Bella Hadid

The inside source continues to spill all types of tea,

“They aren’t getting along right now… The groups are beefing because [Drake] broke the bro code. They 100 percent hooked up.”

Nowadays you have to watch who you call bro and sis because you never know people’s true intentions. Most of the time they don’t even want the person you’re dating they just want the happiness the person is giving you not knowing what goes on behind closed doors.


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